Chromium-based Microsoft Edge to be released without some features, executive confirms


MicrosoftMicrosoft has already confirmed that the new Chromium-based Edge will be available to the public on January 15 . However, what we didn’t know yet is that the browser should be made official without some features that were announced in April this year.

Chief among them is the lack of support for ARM64 devices. According to Microsoft, the ARM architecture itself has a blocking bug that has not yet been resolved by its developers. Therefore, although some PCs have this type of processor, Edge will not yet be compatible with them.

In addition, history and extension synchronization will also be missing in the official browser release. According to Chuck Friedman, head of development, these features are not important enough. Therefore it is possible to release the public version of the software without them.

The executive also made it clear that Edge will not have versions for Xbox or HoloLens. For him, few people surf the internet using this type of device. Therefore, it is easier for Microsoft to release these versions for later times.

Finally, Friedman said the release of the new Chromium-based Edge will be done through a simple update via Windows Update. Thus, the end-user will not have to download the browser, and after installation, the system must present the news to the public.

Eventually, the traditional Edge will be removed from Windows 10. However, the executive did not want to give an exact prediction for this to happen.

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Do you already use the beta? Looking forward to the arrival of the new Edge? Tell us here in the comments.


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