Play Store Promotion: See 31 apps that are free or with Android discount


Play Store We know full well that promotions are always welcome, especially when it comes to apps since not everyone wants to spend a lot on new apps for smartphones and tablets. That’s why we brought today a compilation of promotions that are currently rolling in the Google Play Store, being 8 free and 23 with promotion.

As usual, the titles in question are categorized as “apps,” “games,” and “Icon packs and customization,” and are further divided between free or promotional, making it easy to scan and download only those that really matter.

It should be noted that once applications are added to the account, they are available for life, and can be reinstalled at any time and on as many devices as desired, with only the need for the device in question to be compatible with the application in question.

Well, enough talk and go the list of applications!


Icon packs and customization:

With discount


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