Patent shows Xiaomi Mi MIX 2020 with different design without front camera


Xiaomi The Xiaomi Mi Mix line has arrived to cause an uproar since its first launch: the Mi MIX launched in 2016 until the Mi MIX Alpha, presented in 2019 with a unique design so far. Now it looks like we’re going to have new changes to one of the most iconic lines of the Chinese, a patent showed what is named as Mi MIX 2020, perhaps her next release.

The patent shows a cell phone at least curious. There is no front camera, only proximity sensors, the speaker and a notification LED, all on an extremely thin edge. The edges appear to be a little thicker in the lower area, to generate symmetry in the design. The device is named as Mi MIX 2020, suggesting that this is the device’s patent to be launched this year.

At the rear of the device comes what draws the most attention: the screen in the set of dual cameras. And this is strange for two reasons: first, because the screen is located at the point where the devices usually have a bouncing module, which is more susceptible to scratches and bumps.

Second, because the module contains only two cameras, which goes completely against the phones recently announced by Xiaomi, as is the case with the Xiaomi Mi 10, which has 4 rear cameras. It would be really strange to imagine that a sensor would be under the rear screen, which should be used for selfies. In the middle of the two sensors, there is a double flash.

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It is interesting to say that another patent for the device had already been leaked before, but showing a completely different cell phone, with a sliding mechanism and before that one showing a larger screen. Anyway, this concept presented today seems more plausible than the previous one. There is still no date for the device to be revealed.

Source: tuttoandroid


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