Passing the front? CEO of RealMe posts first 64MP photo taken with smartphones


RealMeThe year 2019 has been marked in the world of smartphones among other aspects by the increasing offer of devices with cameras with 48MP, aiming to meet the increasingly demanding smartphone audience, however, in recent weeks we began to see that this limit tends to be fast exceeded.

Practical examples of this are the Samsung presentation of the ISOCELL GW1 sensor, capable of making captures in up to 64MP as well as rumors that this could soon be seen in a handset of the brand itself and evidence within MIUI that Xiaomi also intends to bet in the new resolution.

However, it seems that a third hitherto silent mark on the novelty has decided to put itself as a possible candidate to present a new device with this sensor, bringing up the maximum ceiling, Realme.

This evidence is made clear by the publication of Madhav Sheth, CEO of the brand in India, through her Twitter account today.

In the publication (which can be checked above), it is evidenced that the device is classified by the brand as “Flagship Killer” and will bring as main sensor the Samsung ISOCELL GW1shipped, with the promise of good images even in low luminosity.

Still, in the image, it is possible to observe that the watermark alludes to the availability of a device with 4 sensors with artificial intelligence, being this the first one of the brand to bet on more sensors, skipping the inclusion of three cameras at least initially.

Apparatus to leave first in India

Another point cited by Madhav in his account is that this device will be seen first in the Indian market, showing the focus of gaining breath in the fierce competition with Samsung and Xiaomi in the market in question.

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