Oppo signs partnership with Celly and announces first line of original accessories


Oppo signsAfter years of investing in smartphone production, Chinese giant Oppo has decided to take another step to bring other options to its users. Recently the manufacturer announced in partnership with Celly a line of accessories for mobile phones, aiming to give options of the market itself in different aspects.

Celly is a large company among smartphone accessory manufacturers, and this partnership with Oppo will help the mobile brand add value to their products. For now, the five devices developed from this collaboration are the 3.5mm in-ear headphones, another with a USB-C connection, plus cables with the same input, a travel charger and silicone covers for the Reno Z device.

For now, Oppo is only developing items for its new line of smartphones, but it may be that in the future the manufacturer will invest in complementary objects for older phones, but this will possibly take into account the demand of these devices do not make accessories high. shipping and end up accumulating stock.

CEO Celly was very pleased with the partnership and believes it can be a parallel growth for both companies.

“We are proud to have embarked on this synergistic partnership with OPPO, considered a company that focuses on product quality. The collaboration will allow both companies to complement the offering, becoming a benchmark in the Italian market, “said Stefano Bonfanti.

To find out which accessories are already available as a result of this partnership, just access the links at the bottom of the article. Remember that for now the news can only be purchased in Italy, but Oppo has made it clear that other stores will sell these products soon, which will help even the setting for our country.

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