Opera GX: download now the world’s first browser for gamers


Opera GXOpera has announced its newest browser, called Opera GX, about two weeks ago. According to the company, it arrives with the great differential of being “the first browser in the world made for gamers”.

Aimed at players, the software brings interesting features such as a noticeable reduction in PC memory consumption while watching streaming or playing a few games.

The good news is that it can already be downloaded by those who wish to have early access to the novelty – unfortunately for now available only to the Windows operating system.

One of the most interesting innovations in the browser is the GX Control, a configuration panel where users can select the amount of memory (RAM and CPU) that the software can consume – that is, it is an interesting proposal even for those who are not gamer, but that has a PC with not so powerful specifications.

Another feature worth mentioning is the integration with Twitch in the left sidebar, which sends notifications to users connected to the platform as soon as their favorite streamers start a broadcast.

The software also brings direct access links to services and sites popular with the gamer community such as Reddit, YouTube, and Discord – and you can still follow the latest news, release and offers through GX Corner, a space reserved for information.

Completely redesigned over Opera 60, Opera GX is highly customizable, with wallpapers and color schemes – from the suggested 10 up to 16 million possibilities. RGB selectors, something very popular among the public gamer, are also present in the browser.

The company puts a lot of emphasis on the fact that GX is better than Opera 60, and other versions of the browser. In other words, if you’re tired of Chrome or traditional Opera, it may be an interesting option to test the software – ah, it also has built-in VPN, for those who need that kind of service.

Last but not least, GX also features Telegram, WhatsApp, and Facebook integration, and even features PiP mode to watch video content on floating windows

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Opera plans to release the stable version later this year, but it is now possible to download the trial version via the following link:

Source: blogs.opera


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