No more copies! Snapchat works to make it harder for rivals to copy their resources


Snap, the company responsible for Snapchat (and also Spectacles glasses) began to move to make it difficult for Facebook and other companies to copy the resources of your app. The company has acquired the team from Strong.Codes, Switzerland, which is expected to help create protection against reverse engineering on the social network.

It’s good to be clear that it’s not just Facebook that copies Snapchat. A Korean company has created Snow, which is an app almost identical to Snap’s social network. That is, problems with imitators goes beyond the more powerful competitor (who has already announced a new feature on the same day as the rival, as you recall below).

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Snap joins Strong.Codes, who created software to prevent someone from “breaking up” a product to learn how to rebuild it, even though co-founder Evan Spiegel said in May he considered copying a kind of compliment, During the company’s results conference.

 If you want to be a creative company, you have to be comfortable with and like the fact that people copy your products if you do something great.

In short, Spiegel likes having every new Snapchat feature copied by the competition, but seems to have chosen not to make it much easier at least. If it’s to copy, they have the job of creating something like zero, after all.

And, of course, the protection to be offered by the staff of Strong.Codes will not prevent Facebook, especially, from including in its services the features that Snapchat popularize. But at least Snap expects, now, to have a period of exclusivity.

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