Nintendo 3DS: handheld exceeds number of Xbox family sales in Japan in 2020


Nintendo 3DSAlthough the Nintendo Switch has reached the impressive mark of 68 million sales since its launch, the Nintendo 3DS remains the biggest success of the Japanese giant with more than 75 million units sold. The device had its production stopped last year, and recently lost access to Netflix, but is still impressive.

That’s because, according to data released by Famitsu magazine, Big N’s small console still sold 62,761 units in 2020 alone, thus reaching a total of 24,558,908 devices sold since its launch in Japan. The absurdly high values, especially considering the end of its life cycle, keeps the device ahead of rival consoles.

Among them is the entire Xbox family, which sold 3,585 Xbox One units and 31,424 Xbox Series X and Series S units in 2020. Together, the two generations of the Microsoft console total 35,009 devices sold. Still, according to Famitsu, the entire line of the Redmond giant, including the older models, reached 114,831 units sold in the Asian country.

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The number differences are even greater when we put the PS5 in the account. Despite not being as successful as its predecessors, having the worst Japanese launch in the history of the PlayStation family, Sony’s latest console reached just 255,150 units in Japan last year alone, guaranteeing the podium in front of its rivals.

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