New version of New Launcher improves night mode for smartphones with AMOLED screen


New version of New Launcher improves night mode for smartphonesIOS has its many qualities, but unlike Android, it’s not as customizable as that.

Apps in the Play Store give a new face to Google’s green robozinho, and the New Launcher is one of the most sought after for this. The app is coming to version 6.1.11, already available, bringing news to anyone who has AMOLED screen.

That’s because the launcher’s dark mode now has three options, including a true black, which will mean erased pixels on smartphones with this kind of screen. In addition, some bugs have been fixed, and first-time users should spend less time configuring their workspaces since screens can be discarded in full with the upgrade.

The New Launcher is a product capable of replacing the Android desktop and drawer of native apps, or the OS garnish that its manufacturer gave to it. Because of its high degree of customization, the possibilities are endless, allowing you to change the icon grid to enter more home screen apps, better widget management, and even swap icons with packages available from the Play Store.

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Despite being one of the main products of this branch, he is not alone: ​​even Microsoft, after the Windows Phone has given up, has launched its own launcher for Android, in a software initiative that is working well.



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