New Pokemon movie to be broadcast in western theaters


New Pokemon movie to be broadcast in western theaters

Announced in December last year and debuting in Japanese theaters on July 15, here’s great news for Pokémon fans. The franchise’s newest movie, titled “Pokémon, The Movie: I Choose You” will also be shown in theaters in the United States starting in November.

The information was given by Fathom Events, which secured distribution rights worldwide for the film. That is, there is the possibility of cinematic animation being exhibited here in the UK. Despite the good news, it’s good not to get too excited, because the debut will be limited, only displayed for two days: November 5 and 6, a Sunday and Monday, respectively.

For those interested, it is possible to consult exhibition information, including locations and times, on the official Fathom Events website.

 Ash, a boy from the City of Pallet, eagerly awaits the morning of his 10th birthday, the day he can qualify to become a Pokémon Coach. Ash’s heart was filled with a desire to discover Pokémon that he had never seen before, but the day he met his first Pokémon partner in Professor Carvalho’s lab, he ended up sleeping too much and all he had left was a single Pikachu, A Pokémon that did not cling to humans, “the synopsis reveals.

Remembering that for this year also a live-action (film with real actors) of the franchise and, inclusively, will have the same director of “Shark Amazons” and “Goosebumps”.

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