New Onyo feature lets you order from restaurants directly through Google search


Google Onyo – a platform for placing orders in restaurants in a simpler and faster way – started to implement, starting this week, a new feature that allows placing orders in partner restaurants directly through Google search, without the need to open another application.

With this, in addition to searching for establishments on Google Maps or Google Search, your users can select a dish, make the payment and finalize the direct order through the Google search app.

For Fernando Taliberti, founder of Onyo, the novelty offers even more convenience and ease at the time of the customer to find the best options for him and place an order than the traditional Marketplaces: “Hence the importance of providing establishments with the opportunity to be on this platform, optimizing its services in an ideal channel to receive orders directly and have more proximity with its consumers. ”

To start placing orders through Google search, just search for a restaurant that is registered in the Onyo catalog, choose an option from the dishes included in the menu of the place, view the delivery and pick-up times, choose a channel to place the order and define a mode of consumption – be it pick up or delivery. All of this can be done directly from the search giant’s application, without the need to open a website or app.

Another highlight is that the customer does not need to enter address or credit card details, since payment is made directly through the Google Pay system. After confirming the order, the user will receive an email with a summary of the items, contact information with the restaurant, and tracking the delivery.

The service began to be made available little by little and will soon be available to everyone. There are hundreds of active restaurants, most of which belong to chains with national reach. With this expansion, we want to put our customers in the Google showcase ”, explains Taliberti.

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The Onyo was launched in 2018 and arrived as an application for smartphones that allows making life easier for users to place orders in restaurants or fast-food chains.

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