“Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV” for PSVR has series details revealed


Introduced during E3 2017 in June, the game “Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV” had more details revealed by Wan Hazmer, one of the title’s designers, during a presentation at the PlayStation Experience South East Asia event last Saturday in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia.

According to it, the Malaysian studio Streamline was a major contributor to the development of the game, working on the UI and some of its effects in 3D. In addition, the title in question will not only be a spin-off of the main franchise, as many have pointed out but rather a real game with real experiences, including the player may have to wait for several hours until a certain fish appears.

There are several game modes: history, free and mob hunts, the latter allowing the user to earn money to improve their fishing equipment. The rest will be announced in the future, reveals the designer.

“Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV” will be released worldwide for PlayStation VR in September. Already purchased your console?

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