MIX 2 ?! New Xiaomi smartphone for ‘Mi’ series to be announced by the end of July


MIX 2 ?! New Xiaomi smartphone for 'Mi' series announcmentXiaomi, who recently announced which of its smartphones would get an upgrade to Android Nougat, may be planning a major release by the end of July.

According to a publication made in the Chinese social network Weibo, the manufacturer is expected to launch another smartphone in the series ‘Mi’, and that ‘customers will never guess which model it is’ – which leaves us with ears on the feet of so much curiosity.

We have just seen rumors about Redmi Note 5 hardware, but since it is out of the Mi series, we suspect the recent leak of ‘Xiaomi Riva’ on the Geekbench has something to do with this possible announcement.

If the rumor is, in fact, real, it might be the second announcement of the company this month, seeing that a few hours ago she released a special version of Xiaomi Mi 6 in honor of Jackie Chan .

The company is currently working on the next version of its system, MIUI 9, which is expected to hit the market with several interesting new features; She even opened a poll to know which smartphone model should be upgraded first.

It would be good if the new model already brought the pre-installed MIUI 9 from the factory, right?

Source: weibo.cn

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