Microsoft updates Office for Insiders on iOS with news for Word, Outlook and more


Microsoft Microsoft today released an update for Office Insiders users on iOS with a series of improvements and interesting news. The main changes occurred in Word and Outlook, and should make the experience of using the package even more intuitive and practical, even in the busiest times.

Starting with Word, the Redmond giant added the possibility to control the document application through the voice, making it possible to create lists, delete texts, among other functions with just one speech. Still related to the voice, it is now also possible to dictate the content to be written with punctuation support. Both can be activated via the microphone buttons, with the small one being for dictation and the larger one for commands.

Meanwhile, Outlook received a new feature that allows users to create tasks from e-mails, however, it is necessary to have the Microsoft To-Do app installed, considering that the note in question will be created in the company’s tasks application. Another novelty is the suggestion of meetings, which can be generated in response to e-mails in which the system detects schedules. In addition, the buttons for composing and adding a calendar item have been repositioned for ease of use with one hand.

There are also new keyboard shortcuts for when a peripheral is connected, the possibility to annotate PDFs with native system resources, the ability to create or join meetings in programs like Zoom, as well as a new interface for the Apple Watch homepage. All features are available in version 2.6 of Office, however, it is necessary to be a participant in the Insider program to have access.

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Just this week, Microsoft officially launched its Family Safety app for Android and iOS, packed with features that promise to ensure the safety of families. The company also today released a new version of its Edge browser for developers, bringing new functions such as personalized background images, a button for deleting suggestions in the address bar, and more.


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