Microsoft shows results with Windows up and Xbox down


Microsoft This Wednesday (29/01) Microsoft presented to the public the results it achieved in the last quarter of 2019 and the result was 14% higher than the same quarter of 2018.

With revenues of the US $ 36.9 billion, around R $ 156.9 billion and these profits came from almost all areas, except games, where the giant had a fall.

While the Xbox did not show a good result, the other areas did very well, especially when it comes to Windows, which showed an excellent result even with the PC market not doing very well. The main reason was the fact of abandoning the Windows 7 operating system, which “forced” many users to switch machines and buy new licenses.

To give you an idea, we haven’t seen a good result in the PC division since 2011, and it was not said whether this increase was expected in its entirety or not, but of course, the act of stop offering support has its financial side.

When it came to the sector that did not make good profits, Microsoft never liked to go into details of what percentage the Xbox had compared to the whole, but in a quarter that the results were not satisfactory, the company decided to show in detail.

Comparing at the same time in 2018, the games division as a whole, suffered from a 21% drop in revenue, already focusing directly on the Xbox, the drop was 11%. According to Microsoft itself, the reason was that at the end of 2018, a game stood out and brought good results, something that was not repeated in 2019.

Without naming names, Microsoft said that a third-party multiplatform game gave great results in late 2018 and in 2019 was not so successful.

In addition, Microsoft believes that the public is waiting for the new generation of consoles to “slow down” purchases and this reduces profits, so what is expected for early 2020 is not very motivating.

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The results are not always as expected, but for Microsoft even losing on one side, it managed to excel on the other, so, strangely, even in losses, it achieved a higher profit than in 2018.


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