Microsoft Introduces New File Safe Area in OneDrive


Microsoft Microsoft comes on the heels of Wednesday announcing Personal Vault – Safe, a free translation to our Portuguese – a new feature of OneDrive that allows you to protect your files in the cloud with an extra layer of security.

This digital safe creates a protected area in OneDrive that requires a strong authentication method to unlock the files, such as two-factor authentication.

The feature works with a PIN, fingerprint, face recognition or code sent to your email address or text message. You can also use this feature with the Microsoft Authenticator application.

Personal Vault works on the official OneDrive website, PCs, and compatible versions of the OneDrive app for Android and iOS.

In addition to protecting files in the Personal Safe, you can also scan documents, record photos, and record videos directly in this new safe area.

When files are stored in Personal Vault on Windows 10 PCs, the files are synchronized with a BitLocker-encrypted area of ​​the local hard disk.

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All OneDrive files are encrypted while in the cloud and transfer to other devices. Personal Vault will also protect your files automatically after a period of inactivity. If you have an open file stored in Personal Vault, you will need to re-authenticate before you can access it.

The Personal Safe will initially be released to users in Australia, New Zealand and Canada, with the promise of being available to all users of the Windows community by the end of this year.

Microsoft OneDrive
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‎Microsoft OneDrive
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