It’s a trap, Bino! WhatsApp coup promises to simulate FGTS withdrawal and reaches 100,000 people


WhatsAppUnsurprisingly, scammers are always on the lookout for new possibilities to try to benefit by offering promotions on commemorative dates or to monitor key issues to try to catch unsuspecting users and thus steal personal and financial data.

Among the most recent examples, we have scams that promised 1TB internet, Spotify subscription and even related to PIS / Pasep withdrawal.

Now, with the federal government’s warning that anyone with FGTS accounts will be able to make a withdrawal limited to $ 500, one more blow is foretold, using similar patterns to those seen in the year. 2017.

Questions entered on the fake page include questions such as “Do you want to withdraw all or part of your FGTS?” And “Have you withdrawn any FGTS value in the last 3 months?”. When responding and advancing, the user is referred to another page where sharing with 10 friends is encouraged to release the withdrawal.

To get a sense of how successful this scam is being, the estimate released by the dfndr lab, PSafe’s digital security lab, is that in just 2 days, over 100,000 people have already received, accessed or shared the link. in question.

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According to Emilio Simoni, the idea behind this scam is to open doors so that new notifications with other scams can be forwarded in the future.

“The purpose of this scam is to induce the user to grant permission to receive future notifications with other scams directly on the mobile phone, opening a direct channel of communication between the cybercriminal and the victim. In addition, it is directed to pages to perform improper registration in paid SMS services. From the moment this registration occurs, without realizing it, the victim starts to receive improper charges ”.



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