iPhone 9 appears on Korean retailer poster giving details about design and pre-sale gift


iPhone 9Apple is about to announce the new version of its “basic device” iPhone SE2, which now goes by the name iPhone 9 . With this, various information about the product appears with certain frequencies on the internet to give the public a slight sense of what is to come.

Recently a poster seen at a retail store in South Korea gave some details about the look that can be adopted by the manufacturer for this phone, as well as a gift that can be given to buyers who choose to invest in the smartphone during the pre-sale.

According to the banner displayed in the physical store KAT, the device will actually be called iPhone 9 and, like the iPhone 8 that serves as inspiration for its design, it will have only one camera on the back, showing that Apple should apply for the same software work like the iPhone XR so that users can make images with the background blurred.

And speaking of the “simpler” top of the line from the Cupertino giant, it is noticeable that the iPhone 9 will feature a RED version, which is available annually in limited stock. Despite this, this may also be an indication that this model will bring color options for all tastes, as well as the iPhone 11XR and more previously on the 5C.

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It is worth remembering that the iPhone 9 may have its production started this month, even if it is facing delays in the production of Touch ID due to the Coronavirus pandemic, but everything indicates that the estimated date of March will not be rescheduled, as Apple it must be creating new production strategies so as not to delay the schedule.

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