iPhone 12: more leaked information corroborates battery capacity of new phones


iPhone 12As we approach an announcement – or any official information – about the new Apple phones, which will arrive with the iPhone 12 line, the rumors continue to appear and circulate and reveal possible details that may say a little about the device’s hardware.

Yesterday we saw some images of the A14 Bionic processors that will equip the next apple smartphones. Although these images do not reveal much about the product, other information may be more accurate and highlight the possibility of an even more powerful processor that uses 5-nanometer lithography.

But one of the specifications that most concern fans of the company is the battery capacity of the devices. Once a problem, this has apparently been fixed in some of the latest releases, such as the iPhone 11 Pro which, with 3,046 mAh battery, did very well in our official battery test.

But what matters at the moment are the next releases from the Cupertino giant, and now we have some more information that can give precise details about the batteries that will be part of the iPhone 12 line.

One of the leakers who has released more information about the new Apple phones has gone public to give some details about the batteries of the devices. According to him, the batteries will range from 2,227 mAh for the iPhone 12 to 3,687 mAh in the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

According to the information above, we will have these battery settings for each device:

In front of the name, it even puts the nomenclature that is used to identify each model. Note that the iPhone 12 Max is identified as A2479. This information leaked by him goes against what we already released last week about the possible batteries of the device.

Considering only the capacity of the battery, some may be in doubt about its durability. But if we count on the good performance of the iPhone 11 Pro with even less battery power than the possible iPhone 12 Pro Max, we can expect good results from the new line.

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What is your opinion on the battery capacity of the new iPhones? Do you think the processor will be able to save a lot of load on the next Apple devices? Comment with us in the space below.

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