Install MacOS Catalina Public Beta at This Moment


You don’t need to hold up till fall to check out MacOS Catalina: Apple today released a public beta of the following real update of the MacOS. The open preview of MacOS 10.15 is an opportunity to check all the cool new highlights coming in Catalina before it shops this fall. It additionally gives you a chance to monitor Catalina’s progress and help Apple identify issues before it formally delivers. By joining Apple’s open beta program, you can likewise attempt out public sneak peaks of iOS 13, iPadOS and TVOS 13.

MacOS Catalina

Here’s what you can anticipate: In Catalina, Apple will replace the iTunes app with 3 separate apps: Apple Music,Apple Podcasts and Apple TV. Similarly as helpful the revision lets Mac clients run iPad apps they can download through the Mac App Store, and use an iPad as a subsequent  screen, much in the manner in which you might use a monitor.

You can download the Catalina open preview for free, yet be aware that beta software — even from Apple — isn’t completely baked: Apps may be unstable, highlights may not work as you expect, and you may go over bugs and software incompatibilities. Helpfully, the public beta accompanies a helpful apparatus for reporting bugs you find to Apple. If running a beta makes you nervous, you might need to skip the preview and wait for the completed OS. If you’re still intrigued, here’s what to do.

MacOS Catalina

What to do before you install the Open beta

Before you download and introduce the open beta, ensure you have a decent, current backup of the substance of your Mac’s drive, in case something goes south during the installation or afterward. the Mac’s fabricated in Time Machine Backup utility or grab a Mac backup app like Carbon Copy Cloner.

After you’ve supported up the substance of your drive, extremely consider introducing the Catalina open beta on an external storage device or a separate partition, not on your primary Mac drive. That way, if something turns out badly with the beta, or if you decide you want to return to Mojave, rolling back will be much easier.

You can you run MacOS Catalina if…

While MacOS Catalina brings a boatload of enhancements, its hardware requirements continue as before as for MacOS Mojave, the present version of the OS. So if you can run Mojave, you can run Catalina. Here are the Mac that meet the requirements:

  • MacBook2015 and later
  • MacBook Air2012 or later
  • MacBook Pro 2012 or later
  • Macintosh Mini 2012 or later
  • iMac2012 or later
  • iMac Pro 2017 or later
  • Macintosh Pro 2013 or later

To check which Mac you have, from the Apple menu, pick About This Mac. The Overview tab displays which Mac you have.

Download and install the MacOS Catalina preview

If you can live with the potential eccentricities and glitches of beta software and have a current backup, you’re ready.

  1. In the first place, head to Apple’s public beta software page.
  2. You’ll require an Apple ID to join the beta program, so either discover yours or create one.
  3. After you sign in, click the MacOS tab and read the guidelines..
  4. If you’ve installed a Mac public beta previously, skip to step 8. Otherwise, keep going.
  5. If you this is your first time running a MacOS public beta, you’ll have to select your Mac in the beta program by installing the MacOS Public Beta Access Utility.
  6. After you’re enlisted, the utility will open Software Update in System Preferences and brief you to download the public beta.
  7. Click Download to get the beta
  8. If you’re as of now selected your Mac, head to Software Update in System Preferences. The Public beta should show up as an upgrade.
  9. Click Upgrade Now to download the beta

MacOS Catalina

The download is huge — around 6.5GB — yet once it completes follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation.

When a new public beta is accessible you’ll get a notification through Software Update.

If you choose you’re finished testing Catalina, you can restore your system, using the backup of the substance of your drive you made before you installed. You can also unenroll your Mac from the beta program.


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