Instagram: influencer would have wrought accident to promote, followers accuse


InstagramIn July, an American digital influencer posted images of herself after a supposed motorcycle accident. Tiffany Mitchell is now accused by her fans of having forged what happened to promote herself.

After the publications, there was a commotion among his 211,000 followers. However, after a while, the situation changed: questions began to arise about being a lie.

The Buzzfeed News website provided further evidence that it would be nothing short of an advertisement. According to the publication, the images – listed above – do not show any blood at the site and a visibly branded water bottle. Tiffany still marks her tattoo artist and cites a possible “touch up” she would need to do on one of her skin designs.

In addition, the photos were captured by the friend of the influencer and photographer Lindsey Grace Whiddon, who accompanied the girl on the same day of the accident. She claims there was no lie.

“In the photos, the scene looks planned and if I had not been there, I would also have doubts. I can tell from my own personal and professional integrity that the scenes were unplanned and that Tiffany didn’t know about the photos until hours after what happened. ”

Lindsey grace whiddon

Photographer and friend of Tiffany

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Tiffany’s Answer

Tiffany Mitchell told the Web site that she would never make a personal story of this relevance in an advertising campaign, and said she always makes it explicit when it is a shared product by agreement. To top it off, the influencer stated that it has suffered death threats. The images have been deleted from your account.

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Source: buzzfeednews

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