Inside YouTube! Google launches website to explain how the video platform works


Google Google announced a novelty to increase Internet users’ knowledge about its video platform. The “How YouTube works” page allows the user to stay on top of the service.

The website is designed to answer frequently asked questions regarding company practices to promote a responsible platform for the community, in addition to detailing product policies.

Among the questions that promise to be answered are some that involve topics such as child safety, harmful content, incorrect information, and copyrights, as well as occasional ones, such as reactions to the new coronavirus pandemic crisis and support for the elections.

“YouTube’s priority has been to address the challenges of keeping our platform open and democratic, but also secure. This work focuses on four pillars, which we call “4 Rs of responsibility”: removing content that violates our community policies, recommending content from trusted sources, reducing content spread across our policy boundaries and rewarding trusted creators. ”


Another type of content present on the dedicated website is about the service management part. This includes YouTube search, recommendations, privacy controls, and ad settings. The platform promises to explain community guidelines and monetization policies so that everyone knows what they can and cannot do.

The “How YouTube works” page can be found within the video platform’s official website. Access is available through this link.

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