In the future: Samsung closes partnership that can facilitate the use of WiFi in Galaxy phones


WiFi While Huawei is preparing the Honor Tab V6 with the new sixth-generation Wi-Fi, Samsung is preparing new tools to facilitate this connection that is essential for cell phones today. Today she signed a partnership that should bring a new, simpler, and easier way to join a new network instead of always having to look for the correct sign and then ask someone for the password.

The Wi-Fi password is one of the biggest controversies today, everyone wants to protect their networks from strangers and many people find the use of passwords even uncomfortable, see the case of a woman who had her house stoned for changing her network password.

However, if you have a Galaxy smartphone, this may become a little simpler in the future, thanks to Samsung’s agreement with WFA OpenRoaming, which is a consortium that is directly linked to the Wireless Broadband Alliance.

The objective of this consortium is, in the near future, to allow people to connect to these networks without needing a conventional password, as it is today. WFA OpenRoaming is really convinced that this will be possible in the future not only with cell phones but also on other devices such as computers, TVs, and even wearables, which will jump from one network to another automatically.

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This alliance indicates that soon we will be able to see such technology in Samsung smartphones, however, it remains, however, that it will become a usable and safe reality in the future, after all, today we already have several projects by companies and governments that aim to make the connection to places that are difficult to access or that are not yet connected.

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