“I think photo-realism will be achieved with Xbox Scarlett and PS5”


The creator of Fall of Light is very optimistic with the graphic advances of the upcoming consoles.

"I think photo-realism will be achieved with Xbox Scarlett and PS5"

Although the new consoles of Microsoft and Sony are still a complete mystery, beyond knowing that AMD is working on PS5 and Xbox Scarlett , the industry already makes its predictions about how big could be the graphics advance with the arrival of this next generation. Among the most optimistic, without a doubt, we find the creator of Fall of Light, the director of the independent studio RuneHeads.

“I’m very curious [about PS5 and Xbox Scarlett]”, acknowledged Matteo Sciutteri in words collected by GamingBolt. “They cannot continue on the same strategy much longer: the PS4 has impressive power and photorealism is really close, I think they will reach it with PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett, after which I imagine that the companies will seek to improve other aspects, such as Nintendo is doing with Nintendo Switch, “added Sciutteri in the interview.

And to seek that goal, will resolution and fluency in games suffer? Recently on Our Blog we echoed how Forge Studios does not believe that 4K and 60 fps will be standardized with PS5 and Scarlett. The result will take time to see it because, for now, there is no clear evidence of when the new Microsoft and Sony machines could be presented.

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