Huawei negotiates with Russian government to use Aurora OS on its tablets


Huawei As the trade war between China and the United States escalates, Huawei can start a major partnership with Russia. That’s because sources point out that the Chinese giant should start testing with “Aurora OS” on its enabled devices in the country.

According to Reuters, this experiment will be conducted during the 2020 Census and “Aurora OS” is expected to be installed on about 360,000 Huawei tablets. In this case, the software will be provided by the state operator Rostelecom, and the system is nothing more than a renamed version of the well-known Sailfish OS.

People who know about the deal between the Chinese and the Russian government say this will be an experiment for the manufacturer. So the idea is to test the performance of a non-Android system. If all goes well, the company can extend the program :

It is a pilot project. We see this as a first step to launch the Russian operating system on Huawei devices.

This can also be considered the first step for the company to be able to use a non-Google operating system on its devices. Thus, the intention is to get rid of any ties that compel the company to be accountable to the US government.

Sources also indicate that Huawei is in constant contact with the Moscow Ministry of Communications. However, what is not yet known is how limited this “Aurora OS” will be. This is because the Russian government follows the Chinese primer and also often limits and censors the internet on its territory.

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Anyway, this is yet another proof that shows Huawei studying all possible alternatives to Android. So, if necessary, the company can use Harmony OS in China, but adopt Aurora OS in Russia, for example. Asked about it, the company did not comment. Already a spokesman for the Russian operator said:

We are unable to provide details at this time, there is a confidentiality agreement

Source: Reuters

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