Huawei confirms launch of Smart TVs and shows curious feature of handsets


Huawei Huawei should take advantage of the Mate 30 family event to announce its new “smart screens” as well. According to the company, the idea is to follow the same concept presented by its Honor subsidiary, but bringing a more premium aspect to its devices.

So the company decided to release a teaser confirming that its televisions must have a front pop-up camera. Huawei calls this new “Artificial Intelligence (AI) Eye” that will be present in device software.

Thus, the Chinese giant says that consumers can enjoy some extra features, such as better gameplay in some games and even video calls without the smartphone.

Another point highlighted by the company is that its new televisions should become a kind of “home hub”. With this, the appliances become central to a completely connected home.

This integration will take place mainly through software, as televisions will be equipped with the new Harmony OS. For those who don’t remember, China’s new system will also equip other IoT devices like refrigerators, toasters, air conditioners, vacuum cleaners and more.

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Huawei also says its “smart screens” should still bet on an ecological footprint. Thus, the company expects to stand out in a market where competition has been growing day by day. This is because recently OnePlus and even Motorola have also entered the field of Smart TVs


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