How ugly! Wacom accused of sending data from Mac apps to Google


GoogleWacom, one of the manufacturers of products focused on the design public, such as graphics tablets and various accessories, has a great name in its area of ​​operation, being one of the most remembered at the time of purchase, however, a new controversy can change that.

According to a finding by Robert Heaton, a software engineer, Wacom records app data that the user opens on the Mac and sends it to a Google server.

All information is recorded through Wacom drivers, which the user necessarily needs to install to use the products and after that they are sent to the Google Analytics server, leaving exposed the time that the user turned on and off his device and in addition the moment that opened certain software.

The truth is that in Wacom’s privacy policy, it is mentioned that some data is sent to Google and among them, it has mentioned “usage data”, but the information is already going beyond what would be “common” and according to the engineer, Wacom would not even be able to justify the reasons.

The engineer believes that it is not necessary to stop using Wacom products but recommends that all users disable data collection so that they can browse without having their information passed on to third parties, as this deactivation will not modify the use at all. accessories.

Wacom took a stand on the case and said it apologizes for not making the information so clear, that it is all part of the product experience program, in addition to informing that the data is anonymous before any third party has access and use it for any purpose. type of statistic.

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Unfortunately, we know that several companies collect our data and most of them use it for advertising, but it certainly does not fit with the use made by Wacom, at least not directly.


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