Hackers can change path of drivers using apps in new coup


Hackers After the WhatsApp coup that promised free passes through GOL, another hacker attack involves the transportation industry. According to researchers from China’s Electronic and Technology Sciences, Virginia Tech and Microsoft Research, cybercriminals can guide drivers who use applications – such as Google Maps and Waze – to wrong paths.

According to the study, the hacker would only need to buy hardware of $ 225 (~ $ 868) to put under the car. The component has the function of emitting radio signals similar to those used by GPS, to change the route instructions shown in the application.

“Our study demonstrated the initial viability of manipulating the navigation system through targeted GPS counterfeiting. All of this can become even more real going forward, especially now that manufacturers are adding autopilot resources – so human drivers are even less involved in driving. “

Researchers in Electronic Science and Technology of China, Virgini Tech and Microsoft Research

Below is an image of the pieces that make up the package which can be used for the act.

GPS hacker
The set of five components form the hardware that can be used to hack GPS / Image transport applications: Playback

Scientists also said in the 18-page article that this type of hacking scam is more likely to occur in cities with many streets – where the driver may not know the routes on the spot.

Do you believe it is possible to change transport applications to change drivers’ path? Share your opinion with us in the comment space.


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