Fortnite: The game helped to create graphical updates applied in version 4.20 of Unreal


FortniteThe Epic Games gave a sure shot when developing the Fortnite game, which is in its 5th season and is already one of the biggest hits of the moment. The game is the first developed by the company on the platform Unreal, which belongs to them and allows greater compatibility with different devices.

An interesting point of this production is that Fortnite is helping to improve the tool mechanisms they used to create the game. This new garment that Unreal is winning will also help independent developers who use the engine to produce their highest-quality rendering work, giving them the ability to hit big-game producers head-on.

Our engine is as good as it is because we ship games. How many clicks an artist has to give in order to change the color of something or adjust the appearance of some are highly optimized because the artists scream to us day and night in the engine team if it is not efficient – Kim Libreri, director of operations of Epic Games

Most of the updates are a consequence of the company’s needs during the improvement or creation of games. Despite presenting some bugs, which should be fixed, version 4.20 of Unreal will receive mechanisms to improve the visual effects, mainly rendering objects a little more complex. For the player, as he walks through the scenarios, he can visualize scenarios at a certain distance at the moment they are rendered, immersing the game environment even on less powerful devices.

These improvements will still be accompanied by support for augmented reality (AR) technology, something that can help upgrade the use of this innovation, which is still not being explored as much as it can. This update will support Magic Leap One and ARKit 2 and is now available for developers to take advantage of.



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