Got?! SISU announces list with result of selected on the internet


SISUAnd who signed up for SISU, Unified Selection System, to conquer one of the vacancies made available to students who want to join one of the public universities in the country can already check the result of the regular call to know if it is among the lucky ones contemplated this year to enter one of the 76 participating institutions.

This year 59,028 people will have the opportunity to fill the space available to be joining major public universities in Brazil. It is worth remembering that the period for rescuing the vacancy and enrollment is from June 12 to 17.

If luck is not on your first hand, it is possible to participate in the “Waiting List” from June 11 to 17, where the result of the call will be announced by the MEC from the 19th. To be registered for the SISU correctly, you must have completed the ENEM 2018 and the Writing note is higher than zero.

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To know the names of those contemplated with the vacancies, simply enter the site that is in the footer of the story (Source) or the official application of the MEC, and add the data regarding the chosen educational institution, place of offer, course, and shift. When you click on “Search”, the name of all the selected ones will appear according to the filters filled in at the time of the search.



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