Google Should Borrow Features from Galaxy S10 for Pixel 4


A little time before I have come across to know about Google Pixel 3 XL and I have compared it with my Samsung Galaxy S10+. After some time I came to the conclusion that the big Google should ‘borrow’ some features from Samsung when they are creating the Pixel 4.


some of these features are as below

  • Display at the Highest Level
  • RAM for multitasking
  • Fast and snappy camera
  • A single sensor is not enough

Now let’s get detail about all these features and compare them to Samsung Galaxy S10+ and Google Pixel 4 XL.

Display at the Highest Level:

With this title, I would prefer not to imply that the display of Pixel devices is very poor, quite the opposite. In recent years Google has paid a lot of attention to the quality of its panels.  The Pixel 3 XL has absolutely improved in this department as compared to the past generation, thanks to the supply of panels by Samsung Display. But when we talk about the facing up to the Galaxy S10+ then there’s no comparison both of them.


The South Korean manufacturer’s flagship displays more splendid and more vivid colors. which does not give the Pixel 3 any chance for comparison, especially when it comes under direct sunlight where S10+ is able to reach the incredible peak brightness of 1200 nits. I have no doubt that Google will once again have Samsung supply the displays for Pixel 4, which is the reason I hope it can achieve the same quality.

RAM For Multitasking:

When you use a smartphone for a long time and open a few apps continuously, it’s almost normal to notice for anyone small drops in performance, especially when it comes to Samsung devices. However, this year’s software, while not yet the lightest in the Android landscape, earns the South Korean manufacturer a lot of points with Samsung Galaxy S10+ excellent multi-tasking performance.


This is largely due to the amount of RAM on Samsung Galaxy S10+ smartphone which is 8GB or 12GB anyone that you like, but also it’s thanks Software team who have done an incredible job. but when we talk about Google Pixel 3 XL, Google has equipped the Pixel 3 XL with “only” 4GB, which is not enough for any Smartphone, but sometimes a little more memory wouldn’t do any harm, especially when performing challenging tasks frequently.


I’m not sure Google plans to gamble with the 8GB RAM card, but one thing is certain here that Pixel 4 will have more capacity than the Pixel 3. If we truly need to find a middle ground, I’d opt for 6GB. Who’s offering more?

A Fast and Snappy Camera App:

I already know what you’re thinking when it comes to camera application yes “Hands off the Pixel 3 camera!”. I am not worried when I said that Pixel 3 XL camera is the best camera which I have ever used and even though galaxy S10+ camera test I could not help but point out. Samsung may have multiple lenses, but Google’s software processes images flawlessly using just one sensor.


The analysis, in this situation that Google camera app is quite embarrassing in terms of the speed when we open it. It is possible that the users of Goole Pixel 3XL will disagree with me just because they are gotten used to Google Style but when it comes to Samsung Galaxy S10+ camera you just need to double press the power button and Samsung app opens so quickly you’ll be shocked.


It might be possible that Google does not see this as an important feature but it is authentic to think about the opening time of the camera is also an important thing for the camera app. We are progressively looking for immediate shooting, so what better way to get it than by having a camera that opens at the blink of an eye?

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Single Sensor is not Enough:

For a long time, including an additional camera was basically a marketing move. On the other hand what we expected, in recent times it has become a more and more important thing, with telephoto lenses, monochrome sensors and wide angles which greatly change the photographic experience and offer more creativity in the hands of users.


During the test of the Galaxy S10+, It did not make me upset thank to Samsung for installing an ultra wide-angle sensor with a field of view of up to 123 degrees, a peculiarity that LG possessed on the G5 and that has made to jump on devices from other manufacturers. Despite the distortion effect that can occur in many shots, I have always been satisfied with the overall results obtained by the Samsung Galaxy S10+.


At first, I gave a lot of credit to Google for enabling it to take a very high-quality photo with a single sensor, thanks to this which showed that the war for the highest number of cameras made no sense. However,  simply for the sake of more creativity and fun, I wouldn’t complain if Google equipped the Pixel 4 with a second sensor if possible. The Google company did so with the front camera of last year’s device, so why not also at the back?


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