Galaxy S20 Line: 120 Hz Rate Will Not Be Available at Full Resolution


Galaxy S20 As was fully expected at this time of leaks about Samsung’s upcoming powerful flagships, rumors pop up here and there revealing information that may not always be correct. Last Thursday we reported that Samsung should not implement the 120 Hz display on the Galaxy S20, the most basic model in the family, but that seems to have been denied, so the whole Galaxy S 2020 family will come to a close. market with the refresh rate at 120 Hz, but there is a catch.

According to the published by the well-known Ice Universe on Twitter, Samsung will not implement the 120 Hz option at full QHD + resolution, making only the standard Full HD + resolution with the most efficient 120 Hz update.

This is probably due to one extremely important factor: battery life. High refresh rates require the screen to refresh more times per second, for 120 Hz panels this means twice as much refresh as traditional 60 Hz panels, so the battery fades much faster.

Implementing this more energy-efficient technology with a maximum resolution that also consumes even more energy could be a big problem for users who would like a longer battery life, which makes perfect sense for Samsung to choose such a choice.

More information about the S20 line is expected in the coming days. The smartphones will be announced on February 11 at an event in the city of San Francisco, United States.

Samsung should not implement 120 Hz screen on Galaxy S20

Apparently the information that the entire 2020 Galaxy S line would hit the 120 Hz display market was not as accurate as many would have liked. According to a new leaker Ice Universe Twitter post, the Galaxy S20 will not feature the long-awaited refresh rate for the AMOLED display.

The detail was revealed at dawn on Thursday, 09, and the publication questioned: “If I tell you that Samsung canceled the 120 Hz [refresh rate] [on screen] 2K function of the S20, you still would buy?”

Shortly thereafter one user commented that “yes, but 90 Hz is the minimum” that Samsung could implement for the model. However, the response of the leaker to the comment left all discouraged: the Galaxy S20 will hit the market with a 60 Hz screen, the same refresh rate of traditional models, without any differential.

Galaxy S20 without 120 Hz display, but we still have the S20 Plus and the S20 Ultra

Yes, the Galaxy S20 will not offer high display refresh rates, however, it is worth remembering that Samsung is reshaping the S line nomenclature for the year 2020: the S20 will be the successor of the S10e, while the S20 Plus will be the successor of the S10 and the S20 Ultra will replace the S10 Plus, forming a more natural “ladder” than before.

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With that, Samsung was expected to cut spending on the Galaxy S20, which will be the most basic model of the family, and with that, we can bet that the company implements the rate of 120 Hz on the screens of S20 Plus and Ultra. The three models will be officially unveiled on February 11th alongside the newest Galaxy Fold flip.

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