Galaxy R or A90: Leaks show device with 5G and ultrafast charging of 45W


Galaxy RAnd the device Samsung Galaxy A90 ended up becoming the protagonist of a mixture between rumors that involves its nomenclature. This is because two important sneakers in the mobile world shared adverse information as to which path the manufacturer would adopt: complete family A or further divide the market and insert a line R.

According to Steve H. McFly Verified, in a post shared on his Twitter, South Korea’s next premium intermediary will be attached to the prefix “R”, indicating one more letter in the alphabet soup that Samsung has been doing in the past years to organize the user level for each type of device.

Meanwhile, the “fat kitten” Ice universe denied the rumor two days later, claiming there are no plans to develop an R-line within Samsung, so any device that was speculated with that letter in its commercial nomenclature was just wrong information, because this is an internal code for product identification.

Despite the differences with the name being used in the device, both shared important data regarding the specifications that will be the great differentials of it in relation to the Galaxy A80, which is that it possibly comes with 5G support and ultra-fast 45W charging, giving even more power to the device.

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It is worth remembering that the A family has almost been brought to Brazil, so everything indicates that the next one can also land in Tupiniquins lands, even though we do not yet have 5G coverage outside of those that are in the test phase, but giving users the opportunity to invest in a smartphone that already comes with this embedded technology.



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