Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G passes durability and toughness test; watch


GalaxySince its official announcement earlier this month, the Galaxy Note 10 line has been surprising in every industry with its amazing specs, even better cameras than the Galaxy S10line, and the high quality of construction, software, and hardware.

Now comes the turn of the Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G, the most expensive and powerful variant ever announced by Samsung, to pass the hands, stilettos and more sharp objects of the well-known JerryRigEverything endurance test,

Zack Nelson begins the video by highlighting the S Pen of the device: scraping the surface of the accessory can immediately notice the characteristic sound of the plastic, which is reinforced once again when the pen is bent and in turn broken. Inside, you can see the components that allow the creation of an electromagnetic field so that the smartphone can know where the pen is and thus also recognize the thousands of levels of sensitivity.

Returning to the smartphone, we see that the screen strength test proves that the front panel continues to offer glass as protection, as scratch resistance starts at level 6 and gets worse with level 7 materials on the Mohs scale. The frame of the device is made of metal.

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In the latest and most awaited test, we see Nelson trying to double in half from Note 10 Plus 5G, but to no avail. The device has virtually no flexibility thanks to its extremely well-finished construction, which prevents the device from breaking easily in accidents.


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