Finally! Google Chrome starts blocking abusive advertisements on sites


Google ChromeOwners of the leading browser on the market, Google is constantly delivering new features in Chrome to keep its lead at a time when options and competitors are starting to emerge and seek to grab some of the most prominent users of Chrome Edge based on Chromium.

More recently, we have had important implementations in this direction such as greater integration with Google Pay and the arrival of PiP mode support for desktop, thus allowing us to consume videos while browsing other tabs.

Not quite recently, we also saw the indication that Chrome 76 beta would begin the walk in the fight against abusive ads thus becoming the times of the already known plugins locking something that begins to appear gradually in the browser and is initially made available on Google Chrome Canary 77, now available.

According to the information disclosed, the block uses the “Better Ads Standards” as the basis, showing a pop-up for the user saying that the site may not comply with the standards considered reasonable for the display of ads, showing a pop-up with the following information: “This site shows intrusive or misleading ads”.

Of course, you’ll still be able to allow these ads to show, but it’s a choice of whether or not you want to see them while browsing.

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There is no information yet about the availability of this functionality for the stable version of the browser but interested can already test it by downloading the Canary version, available at the link below.

Google Chrome Canary


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