Did you like it? Night mode of the S10 line with Exynos reaches quality close to the Pixels


Night mode of the S10 line Samsung finally seems to have been able to apply the quality of the night mode existing in its S10 line smartphones at a level much closer to what is delivered by Google Pixel devices. A recent update released by the company demonstrates how this feature has evolved in South Korean handsets.

When the S10 family hit the mobile market, many people were waiting for their first photo shoots to know how much Samsung had been able to innovate on their cameras, given that the company applied a lot of lenses to their devices.

However, for the sadness of many, it was almost imperceptible any evolution of this photographic way in relation to the line S9, which caused a big disappointment in who was creating high expectations for the new models of the manufacturer, since there was a good price increase generation.

Aiming to cater to complaints from thousands of users, the brand began adding patches to the night mode during monthly security update packs, leaving smartphones with a night mode ever closer to that of the Google Pixel line.

And thinly Samsung seems to have achieved a better photographic result than at any other time in the native camera of the S10 handsets with the May update. In the images above you can see how much better the result is, being even more realistic than the Pixel software in some elements of the photos, such as walls and trees, leaving aside the yellowish tone applied by Google smartphones.

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For now, the night mode only has this quality in the models that are sold with the Exynos chipset, making users of the Snapdragon platform have to wait a little longer to take advantage of the feature.

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Source: bgr.com


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