Copying TikTok earns Mark Zuckerberg entry into the billionaires’ most select club


TikTokDid Mark Zuckerberg, when he started building Facebook, imagine that one day he could not only defeat Orkut but also make him a billionaire like few others?

As unpretentious as the start of this project may have been, in the last decade Facebook has been able to capitalize on its image and expand its services. He even bought WhatsApp and Instagram, which today are products of equal expressiveness in the technology market.

In fact, Instagram has always known how to capitalize on the success of others in its favor: it was on the Snapchat wave and today its stories are crucial to the functioning of the app. Well, recently Zuckerberg decided that it would be interesting for the photography platform to go after TikTok, which has paid off well.

Since it started releasing Reels, a feature that is “inspired” by the Bytedance app, Facebook has seen its shares grow by 6%. Thanks to that, Mark Zuckerberg, who owns 13% of the company’s shares, reached, alone, the figure of US $ 100 billion in personal assets.

This puts him in an extremely select club of billionaires, which includes just Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, and him. Bezos, owner of Amazon, has approximately $ 190 billion and Bill Gates $ 120 billion.

Of course, the companies behind these people have a much higher market value. Apple, as much as Tim Cook is not on the billionaire list, has a value approaching $ 2 trillion dollars. The world of technology is clearly the one that produces the most billionaires in recent decades.

While Zuckerberg is enjoying his money, TikTok is in trouble, as Donald Trump really wants to ban the platform from the United States. The solution may be the possible sale of the service to Microsoft, which would have until September to convince Bytedance to sell its most successful product.

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And you, what do you think of Facebook’s success and the paths took for the company to reach this level? Tell us in the comments!


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