City Commission approves mandatory services such as Moovit at the initiative of cities


City CommissionThe House of Representatives is advancing a bill to create Traffic and Movies species at the initiative of the municipalities.

PL 9865/18 was approved by the Consumer Protection Commission and changes the National Policy on Urban Mobility, inserting a device that obliges cities with more than 50,000 inhabitants to launch applications aimed at controlling local public transportation.

Thus, the tool should provide information such as available lines in the region, their schedules, real-time location via GPS, and estimated time of shipment, data that private initiative tools already provide in services available in the Play Store and App Store.local public transportation.

In addition to these features, it should be feasible within the app ways of users to evaluate the punctuality of the modal and even the quality and friendliness of the service and employees. The latter information should be used for on-lending of subsidies when resources are available, stimulating the practice of good service to the population.

Does it look like a dream? Perhaps, but the project still needs important approvals in the Commissions of Transport and Transport, Urban Development, and Constitution and Justice and Citizenship. If you pass all of these in a conclusive vote – without resources – there will be no need to vote in plenary, and the bill will go to the Senate, the last step before you go to the federal government table.

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It is worth remembering, some cities have already thought about how they can act in the digital era to improve services to the public transport user. In São Paulo the transportation of the metropolitan region is gaining integration through the app with services of electric scooters, for example.



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