Cars and tracks! Hot Wheels officializes Mario Kart themed toys


Cars and tracksOwner of the Hot Wheels toy brand, Mattel has announced a closed deal with Nintendo to launch Mario Kart themed carts and tracks to its famous franchise. The line arrives on a 1:64 die-cast metal scale and has been predicted since July last year.

The series will initially feature a total of three tracks and four characters – Mario, Yoshi, Luigi, and Bowser. Subsequently, Princess Peach, Toad and Koopa Troopa will be released. The theme carts will also be compatible with other tracks of the brand.

According to Hot Wheels’ senior director of global marketing, the two companies have a common goal of making people smile through diverse entertainment experiences.

“Mario Kart and Hot Wheels are two of the most iconic brands in the game, each with its history and dedicated fan base, so the combination of the two is something very special. Our new Hot Wheels Mario Kart line generates an exciting experience of the Mario Kart game, complete with fun characters, authentic details and the kind of other world racing challenges that are synonymous with Hot Wheels. “

Matt Brutocao

Senior Director of Global Marketing at Hot Wheels

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Mario Kart’s line of trolleys and tracks by the Hot Wheels brand is planned for the North American summer – winter in Brazil. Mattel also plans to market a special version of Metal Mario during the San Diego Comic-Con, to be held July 17-21. Prices were not disclosed.



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