Capcom: It is “Indispensable” to Create New Creative Licenses


The Japanese company also wants to take better advantage of its great sagas.

Capcom: It is "Indispensable" to Create New Creative Licenses

In a report aimed at the company’s shareholders, Capcom has made it clear that creating new creative licenses is “indispensable” to achieve success in the medium to long-term, although those of Osaka do not forget their large franchises either, being right now priority to analyze the factors that have led Monster Hunter World to become a global success.

Capcom wants to consolidate the launch of titles based on their best-known sagas, such as the Street Fighter series or the Resident Evil universe, also looking for ways to take advantage of other less popular franchises . A good example of this would be the announcement of the re-mastering Onimusha Warlods , which will go on sale in January 2019.

The Osaka also stressed that increasing digital sales is a very important aspect to achieve success, being currently close to achieving its medium-term goal of reaching a proportion of 50% of total sales in that format. In this sense, Capcom believes that there is still much room for improvement, including the use of inactive creative licenses to enhance this business model.

Finally, Capcom also wants to improve customer satisfaction by offering more free additional content, while presenting paid DLC focused on aesthetic complements and similar additions.

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