British government buys 11,000 iPhones SE for employees


iPhones SEThe UK government’s Department of Labor and Pensions bought 11,000 units of the iPhone SE, launched in 2020, for its employees. Mobile phones, which are intended for professional use, must follow certain parameters before reaching the hands of their users.

According to the report in which the purchase was disclosed, the British government “invested” about £ 4.1 million (about R $ 30.5 million) in the purchase of Apple smartphones, which indicates that the agency may have approximately the full price of each unit, which in the UK, is sold for £ 399 (R $ 2,968) – price for the 64 GB version of the device.

As stated, the models delivered to department employees will be slightly different from those that are officially marketed. In addition, some standards must be followed before the device reaches the hands of its users, as suggested by an excerpt from the report:

As part of the agreement, DWP devices will be provided with impermeable and evident asset tags that hold barcodes and numbers, with XMA providing the details of the tag number, IMEI identifier and serial number for each issued phone.

It is worth remembering that this is not the first time that a British government agency “spends” on the purchase of Apple products. Last year, the government also purchased 11,000 units of iPads, which were intended for use in nursing homes, to help residents communicate with their relatives at a distance due to the new coronavirus pandemic.

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The latest model of the iPhone SE was launched in 2020, during the first half of the year. In October, the Cupertino giant made its new generation of phones official with the arrival of the iPhone 12 line.

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