ASUS wanted to install 10 GB of RAM into the smartphone, but it did not fit


ROG PhoneA gaming smartphone from ASUS could get one more feature – 10 GB of RAM. But the gadget was too narrow for her. Roland Quandt, the editor of the authoritative portal WinFuture, reported with reference to his sources that ASUS intended to install a 10 GB RAM into the smartphone. The only thing that prevented her from doing this was the size of the mobile device’s body, because of which the massive module simply could not fit.

Recently, the Taiwanese company introduced its first gaming smartphone ROG Phone, which received many features. Most likely, 10 GB of RAM was supposed to become another highlight of this gadget for gamers. It remains a mystery how ASUS planned to use such an impressive amount of RAM since the operating system Android is unlikely to work with 10 GB of RAM. Perhaps, specifically for it, the developers intended to create special software (or expand the capabilities of the X Mode). 

At the moment, productive smartphones are equipped with a maximum of 8 GB of RAM – and then, devices with such a large amount of RAM can be counted on the fingers. According to rumours, even Google is not interested in the race for a large amount of RAM. If you believe recent leak, the upcoming flagship company in the face of Pixel 3 XL will get “just” 4 GB of RAM. 

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