Are you going to fight? Netflix no longer charges iTunes for new users


NetflixAt the end of August, Netflix officially confirmed its move to no longer use Apple’s official payment system, on the grounds that it did not agree with the fees charged by the company for processing the monthly fees, with the start of testing in selected countries so that adherence and possible complaints from users.

According to the Netflix spokesperson to VentureBeat, new users will no longer be able to use the integrated payment system to devices with iOS and will be forwarded to a separate page to provide the financial data for the subscription charge.

However, current users will follow the way they have opted at the time of signing up, not requiring re-registration of credit card data to take advantage of the largest video streaming platform on the market today.

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It is also confirmed that users who cancel the subscription at some point will be impacted by the new form of payment since for the system it becomes a “new subscriber” in the database.

It is worth remembering that Netflix is not the first to be bothered by the amounts charged by Apple and Google for processing payments to platform customers, including the US Financial Times, Spotify and Epic Games, which did not your Fortnite game officially through the Google Play Store to get away from the fees involved.

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Source: VentureBeat

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