Google continues to guarantee two years of updates for Android One smartphones; see the advantages


An undeniable problem of the Android universe is the lack of commitment of some manufacturers with updates for their handsets. Google can sign a window on them for updates of at least 18 months, but that does not mean, however, that a smartphone will receive a more current version of the system, for example.

We saw this year with the Moto E5 line that this window of caution will be limited to providing security news and maybe resources, with the phones being born in Android Oreo and dying in it. This is bad because many useful features come with new versions of the Robinho, and no one wants to buy a device that will be quickly dropped.

“We confirm that our promise to provide 2 years of updates on Android One devices still stands and our website design does not impact the promise of this program,” Said a Google spokesperson.

Anyone who wants to avoid this kind of situation, in general, should opt for a top of the line, since these tend to be high for at least two versions of the open source system, continuing not only current but competitive on the shelves for manufacturers. However, the search giant itself has a program to convey consumer confidence in this regard: Android One.

Every device inserted in the program is planned to receive not 18 months, but 24 updates that include upgrades of the OS itself. Some users have taken a fright recently as this information has been removed from the company’s website, but everyone can rest easy as it confirms that this period is unchanged.

Best of all, this care is provided by the owner of Android, and so smartphones whose updates are provided by her usually go ahead.

MotorollaNote that the Moto X4 has a variant in the United States that is part of Android One, and so has seen the Android Pie long before the major handsets of Motorola in 2018. Another interesting point of the program is that not necessarily the device needs to be a top to participate, that is, it is possible to spend a little less to have higher quality support.

Even Motorola launched the Motorola One, the first Android One in our country – and pioneered in this sense. Xiaomi owns the Mi A1A2 and A2 Lite, that out there are sold to less than $ 1,000. Great investment with longevity support guarantee.

Of course, the options turn out to be more limited, as Google ends up managing all those updates. If you want to change your phone and the models inserted in the program do not please you, it is good to take into account the history of brands that have been concerned in recent years to extend the life of their handsets.

One of them is Essential, which, well, does not seem to be doing very well on its legs, but made the Android Pie available for the Essential PH-1 in less than 24 hours after Google officialized it. In addition, because it is the only model of the company, it should still receive Android Q in the future.

OneplusAnother one that deserves praise is OnePlus, which already took the Pie to OnePus 6T65T5, and will also put the OS in the 3Q and 3.

Although we are talking about Android, we can not comment on the other side of the force – on iOS – Apple’s commitment is also great with consumers. Just noted that even the iPhone 5Sreleased in 2013 received the iOS 12.

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Remember, Android One also means the Android experience in its closest form to the pure system. Whether this is a positive or negative point will depend a lot on how the user likes to use a smartphone. If you prefer custom interfaces, more authentic, and more intuitive features, or if you’re the type that opts for something simple, objective, and generally faster.

And you, what do you think of Android One? Do you have a smartphone supported by the program? Tell us in the comments!


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