Apple Watch dominates smart watch market, while Samsung surprises


AppleDespite the worldwide stagnation in the smartphone market, the same is not happening when it comes to smartwatches. This is because a survey published by Strategy Analytics indicated that the segment continues to guarantee good numbers, with an annual growth of 42 %.

However, the smartwatch market is undeniably much more concentrated than that of smartphones. According to data from the third quarter of this year, Apple already has a 47.9% stake, just two percentage points left to reach the fateful half of the market.

The data makes it clear that for every two watches sold, at least one of them is Apple Watch. 

Overall, while Apple is the unquestionable leader, Samsung was the company that knew the most from the growth of the smartwatch business. This is because the company took second place with an average growth of an incredible 73 %.

The Fitbit brand lost the silver medal and now ranks third. This may in part justify your sale to Google. Another point that we can highlight is that this operation can also “lift” the company since the launch of a Pixel Watch should attract public attention to Wear OS.

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However, it will only be possible to know if Google’s acquisition is beneficial in the coming quarters. Finally, it is also worth remembering that the smartwatch segment has been gaining new players. This is because Xiaomi has launched its Mi Watch and even OnePlus already has projects for this market.

Source: strategyanalytics


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