Another market! Huawei Pay is confirmed to reach Germany in 2020


Huawei PayAn executive at Huawei Germany confirmed today that the European country is close to receiving payment services from the Chinese company. The arrival of Huawei Pay is a necessary move in the face of the trade war between China and the USA that has been seriously affecting the company and its partnerships.

Partner banks and specific dates have not been announced, but it is certain that the launch will take place later this year. According to the Android World website, with Huawei Pay established in Germany, its introduction in other countries on the continent should be fast. At the moment, the service is available for Huawei P and Mate smartphones, in addition to the latest Honor handsets.

Huawei Pay was launched in China in 2016, and had its first expansion into the global market in 2018, with its arrival in Russian territory. We can expect a more aggressive stance on the part of the Chinese from now on, as the service is the only alternative available to owners of the brand’s smartphones, with Google Payout of the question.

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The company will face strong competition from Samsung, Apple, and Google itself, which are already well established in the West. Apple already offers its own card, which broke records, while its rivals are already preparing to offer a similar option, but linked to the user’s virtual wallet. We can only wait to see if Huawei will be able to gain market share for itself.

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