Animal Crossing Is Coming On Nintendo Switch


Animal Crossing Is Coming On Nintendo Switch

Waiting for Animal Crossing on Nintendo Switch has finally reached an agreement when Nintendo has finally confirmed to launch this game on the popular hybrid console.

For those who have been following this news, it is possible that they know that Nintendo has literally controlled us for some time.

When we were mocked by Isabelle, by Animal Crossing, to be recorded in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, no one knew that Nintendo really bothers and jokes.

Well, not all, many fans caught the stream, Nintendo took us, but it was pretty elegant. But in that moment, when all hope was lost, Nintendo had something out of nothing in its direct presentation.

Here we saw Tom Nook in a really high resolution, which led the majority to believe that this is the moment we have all been waiting for. However, it turns out that the listed trailer is not a lot of details, but clearly gives a confirmation.

Nonetheless, we can expect Animal Crossing to launch for Nintendo Switch in 2019.

For those unfamiliar, Animal Crossing is one of the most popular series for Nintendo. Well, for the fans it is very safe to know that you will join Switch.

Anyway, those who know this game also know that Animal Crossing is a perfect combination for Nintendo Switch. Its sandbox nature makes it very suitable for longer sessions.

This will be the first in the main entrance of Animal Crossing New Leaf, which made its 3D debut in 2013. So all the hands on the deck with this one too because the demand is high and the announcement was made, wait now.

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