Android Studio 3.5 arrives with optimizations and fixes for developers to save time


Android StudioAndroid Studio is one of the main ways for those who want to program for the largest mobile system on the planet. One big catch though is that its old bugs were stressing programmers, which made Google redesign it into a big move called Project Marble.

In order to provide stability to the use of the software, “Marble” was finally delivered: three months after the 3.5 beta release of Studio the stable update is being released. This project is completed, improving the experience at three central points.

The first of these concerns a lag that was often fatal in code typing: Android Studio crashed in some cases during this process, with freezes of 1 second to 1 minute, and sometimes causing the software to unexpectedly close. Something bizarre about operating a program whose main use is … typing.

According to XDA Developers, this has been fixed, alongside the problem that made compilation time-consuming. In some cases creating a build took up to three minutes, a long time when we remember that this is a common and repetitive testing process.

Now programmers using Dagger and Realm libraries will notice how valuable time will be saved. In addition, there are instructions for getting Android Studio out of Windows Security. Because this is a system resource that scans computer files in real-time, it ultimately contributed to the delay in releasing builds.

Finally, the framework for instant execution has been redesigned, making it easier to make small changes, such as variables, and test soon after.

This is without a doubt a major upgrade from Android Studio 3.4 and promises to save the developer time. So worth the installation!

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Remember, the Play Store has recently changed its app release policy. Now every programmer needs to wait 73 = 2 hours after the software is submitted before it will be released on the Android web store.

Source: xda-developers

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