Android and iOS! Nintendo releases explanatory video on multiplayer mode of Dr. Mario World


Dr. Mario WorldWhile preparing a series of interesting games for users of the Nintendo Switch, the Japanese finishes the last adjustments before launching Dr. Mario World for Android and iOS.

The game, which graphically updates the eponymous franchise and will feature micro-transactions, will be released on July 10 and the company has released a new video. In it, we are introduced to multiplayer mode, which will be challenging for those with little logical thinking.

Users will get in the way as the opponent manages to make new combinations. This will result in new viruses being sent to the opposing board, and the amount of these will vary according to your doctor’s strength level, which could be Mario, Toad, Bowser, Peach, and others.

Each character will still have a special ability that is activated when a combo is successfully performed. Peach, for example, deletes viruses from a random column.

In the end, the gameplay mixes elements of Tetris99 with Puyo Puyo. Very casual, players will be able to challenge each other through the contact lists on Facebook as well as LINE.

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Dr. Mario World joins an already extensive ecosystem of games with Nintendo characters on Android and iOS: GO Pokémon, Mario Run, Magikarp Jump, Pokémon Shuffle, Pokémon Quest, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp are just a few examples.

And you, are you excited for the release of Dr. Mario World? Tell us in the comments!



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