Activate to protect yourself! Facebook novelty brings more privacy to photos on social network


Facebook Facebook seems to be embracing new ideas to please its users more. This week we have already seen that the network has abandoned, at least for now, the intention of placing ads on WhatsApp and today it has released dark mode for the application. Now it has included a new setting that can help improve privacy on the social network.

The function is more than welcome, as the New York Times recently released a report on a company called Clearview AI. According to the newspaper, Clearview used the image bank of Facebook users and several websites to create a facial recognition application. In total, 3 billion images were used, violating the privacy of people and websites.

Unfortunately, the images already collected by the company cannot be recovered, but it is possible to prevent this from happening again by activating this new Facebook configuration. Here’s how to activate:

First, access your Facebook account and open the menu in the upper right area and access the Settings :

In the settings click on Privacy to access more options:

Look for the option “do you want search engines outside of Facebook to link to your profile?” and change it to “no”, by default, it is enabled.

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With this option active you are safe from companies that collect images from the social network for other purposes. Currently, Facebook also has other tools to make the network environment safer, such as limiting who can follow you, see your old posts and comment on them; all of this in the same privacy area in the settings we just saw.


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